Cyber Security.. … What this Industry holds for India?

With rapid digitization, businesses are now adopting digital processes irrespective of the scale of their operations. Be it shopping, transactions, inventory management,automation , data storage or even deployment of important applications on servers – minimal physical elements are being used as we move further ahead in the digital era. And with that, there is an increase in the need for cyber security or digital security experts.

In India, cyber security is one of the rapidly growing industry. The demand for cyber security professionals has increased exponentially in recent years, and this trend is expected to continue for many coming years.. According to NASSCOM, India alone will generate over 1 million jobs in cyber security each year. With the global industry set to surpass $200 billion in the near future, you can only imagine how much cyber security experts will be paid.If you look at the cyber security professional among top companies , Indians are leading the chart.Be it bug bounty hunters or threat analyst , Indians are way toppers than anyone.With the potential skill-set India is set to lead this industry for many years from now.


Have look at some of the common job roles in the cyber security industry in India.


  • Penetration Tester & Ethical Hacker

Trying to hack systems to find vulnerabilities. Reporting any weaknesses found so they can be mitigated.A penetration tester might specialise in domains such as red team, infrastructure penetration testing, or application testing, exploit development and social engineering.

Average Salary: 8-10Lacs Per Anum


  • Security Analyst & Specialist

Performs a variety of security analysis and defensive tasks to help prevent organizations from being compromised by attackers.Security Analysts might work in a security operating centre (SOC) and specialise in the domain of security operations and vulnerability management. Or any of the otherdomains within security operations. The titles of security analyst & specialist are quite general so you might find roles with these titles involved in many different domains.

Average Salary: 10-12Lacs Per Anum


  • Cyber Crime Analyst & Investigator

This role might cover some or all of the domains such as incident response,investigations, forensics, breach notifications and containment.

Average Salary: 10-15 Lacs Per Anum


  • Security Consultant

A consulting role can be quite varied so it’s possible they may specialise in something specific such as risk assessment or they might be more of a generalist advisor covering many domains.

Average Salary:Depends on firm


  • Security Engineer & Architect

These roles are generally within the domain of security architecture where you are

designing and implementing some of the sub-domains within the architecture domain,like a secure network, access control, identity management and so on.

Average Salary:8-13 Lacs Per Anum


  • Freelance Consultant & Contractor

A freelance consulting role can also be quite varied. The difference is you are working for yourself. Which means you will specialise in what is in demand.


  • Chief Information Security Officer (CISO)

The CISO is solidly in the domain of cyber security governance with oversight over all the other domains.

Average Salary: 1-2 Cr Per Anum


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